Tax Planning

The tax you pay can be one of your greatest single expenses over your lifetime.  Along with inflation, taxes act like a silent killer to building and retaining wealth.  In Canada we are taxed on:


  • Corporate and personal / salaried income
  • Property tax / education tax
  • The things we buy (GST/PST)
  • Investment management fees
  • The dividend and interest earnings from our investments
  • The sale of an investment, property or business - capital gains tax


For many people, this can easily exceed many hundreds of thousands of dollars over his of her lifetime.

If you could reduce your taxes by 10% or more each year what would you do with this extra money.......

  1. Increase your savings and potentially retire sooner?
  2. Increase your mortgage payment and pay off your mortgage sooner?
  3. Have more income in retirement and potentially enhance your lifestyle?
  4. Give more to charity?
  5. Assist your children and grandchildren?


You may be asking:

  • How can I manage my corporate affairs and pay minimum tax?
  • Tax credit maximization, tax sheltering, income deferral, income spreading, income splitting......
  • Am I or my financial plan taking advantage of the various tax planning opportunities?