Investment Planning

Our investment approach is purpose built to protect and grow your capital by aiming for steadier returns.

Rate of return is one part of investment performance.  Risk and volatility are the others.  How much risk did you take to earn a given rate of return?  And how much volatility did you experience along the way?

These factors make up the quality of your return - and your investment experience.

Savvy investors know - and statistics support - the straightest path to protecting and growing wealth is through steadier returns.

A good investment portfolio has an above average rate of return.

A great investment portfolio has:

  • Above average rate of return
  • Tax efficiency - is critical because great performance is useless if the taxman takes most of it away
  • Acceptable levels of risk
  • Ease of administration

When constructing portfolios to maximize long term outcomes, managing downside participation should be front of mind for both accumulators and retirees.


You maybe asking:

  1. Is better to invest my retained earnings in my business (corporation) vs. TFSA vs. RRSP vs. RESP?
  2. How much should I invest in each of these areas today?
  3. Which areas should I invest in first so as to receive the greatest tax benefit?
  4. Does my investment plan account for both offense (output), defense (downside risk) to give me an efficient favorable return on investment?
  5. Do I clearly understand my current investment portfolio?  Am I maximizing my return on investment?
  6. I understand the impact of fees on my investments and the exchange of value I receive in return to which I am satisfied.