1. Discovery & FIT meeting

We invite you to meet with us for an initial ‘discovery session’ that will allow us to learn about you and for you to find out more about us – with no obligation to either side. If, after this conversation, we both see a potential fit, we would be pleased to prepare a complimentary proposal.

2. Current financial analysis & in-depth goal setting, lifestyle planning

Gather your information and complete a personal financial review.  Doing so will give us a snapshot of where you are currently and the issues that are impacting your ability to build & retain wealth.

3. Development

Develop custom, comprehensive solutions.

4. Implementation

After plan review and finalization, we will assist you putting your plan into action.

5. Monitoring

Without a commitment to review, the best laid plans go astray.  This step represents our commitment to implement this program over your lifetime.

We will review the progress of your plan on an annual basis and make any adjustments where necessary if there are any changes to your personal life, economic circumstances, tax laws, etc.